A Little Bit About Michelle

Kuhns Level 5 headshot.jpg

MICHELLE KUHNS is an educational consultant working with schools interested in transformative change in both student and professional learning. She began her teaching career in Washington state before moving overseas and teaching in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Poland and the United Arab Emirates. She has been an international educator for over twenty years and led curriculum and professional development in overseas schools for ten of those years, serving most recently as the Director of Learning at the American School of Dubai. 

She is currently a leadership coach to a number of school leaders as they explore leadership dilemmas and strategically plan and achieve their professional and school goals. She has a special interest in coaching educators new to the curriculum and professional development leadership role.

As a curriculum director, she has been deeply involved in school-based curriculum design across all disciplines. She has led schools through the transition to standards-based assessment, grading, and reporting and has worked within systems to establish practices that increase learner agency. Michelle loves working with teachers in designing learning systems that engage and empower students to inquire, think deeply, and experience joy in their learning.

Michelle delights  in exploring the intimate link between student and teacher learning and in helping schools design impactful, multi-dimensional, school-embedded, professional learning systems. She has been involved in developing instructional coaching systems in schools since 2009 and continues to work with schools in establishing coaching programs.

Michelle has served as a member of regional curriculum, assessment and professional development committees in Europe (ECIS) and the Middle East (NESA), and teaches assessment literacy for educators at the graduate level.